Outdoor Options is a site for those in search of beer gardens in the great outdoors of the Five Boroughs of New York City.
Visitors are invited to identify establishments that satisfy their needs and desires browsing venues by location (by following the “Geography” path), by looking over beer lists and food menus (by looking under “Fare”), by perusing images (in our “Photos” galleries), by proximity to various points of interest (under “Environs”) or according to other more idiosyncratic criteria listed under “Quirks”.
Along the way please drop your own pearls of wisdom using the “reply” fields. On the pages for venues you’ve visited write your own reviews or share your own impressions. On the “Venues” page please suggest other venues we haven’t covered. Feel free to do likewise on the “Environs” page if you know of other places of interest near our (or your) venues. Upload your own photographs for inclusion in the galleries on the “Photos” pages. Enter the names of beers or menu items you would like to consume in a beer-garden setting on our “Fare” page. And definitely add your own “quirks” (i.e. things you want or need from your BG) to the list on that page.



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