Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden

Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden (BHBG) celebrates it’s 100thbirthday this year, making it New York City’s oldest beer garden.   Run by the Bohemian Citizen’s Benevolent Society of Astoria, BHBG serves a variety of beers from Belgium, Germany, Great Britain and the United States but specializes in those from the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In the mood for something light?  Try the Krušovice světlé for its crisp freshness.   Or check out Czechvar (České Budějovice), the beer Budweiser wishes it could be.

The menu includes classic Czech and Slovakian starters and entrees.  Tuck into a plate of Svíčková, slow roasted beef topped with a rich vegetable gravy.  For something lighter, try the Pečené kuřátko, an herb roasted chicken with a side of steamed vegetables and roasted potatoes.  Vegetarians can enjoy Ovčákova mísa, potato and mushroom pirogies, homemade style potato pasta with sauerkraut or imported traditional Slovak sheep cheese.  And for those less hungry, a plate of Knedlík s houbovou omáčkou, dumplings with mushroom gravy, or Anglická Slanina, cold double smoked bacon with a pickle on the side.

The courtyard is packed and lively and can be rented out for specials occasions such as weddings and company parties but fear not: it is large enough to serve any and all comers and despite the crowds, it is remarkably easy to find a seat.







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