Habana Outpost

The patio at Habana Outpost

Located in the funky neighborhood of Fort Greene, Habana Outpost serves up cold drinks and a small selection of hot food. The place is a kitschy dive–situated on a noisy and busy corner, the outdoor patio is surrounded by a chain-link fence. Undeterred by the grungy aesthetics, hordes of people gather on sunny afternoons, crowding under colorful umbrellas onto picnic tables and gathering at plastic tables and chairs.

This place tries to be laid-back, but it’s a little too hipster for its own good. The line for a drink usually runs out the door and around the corner. After you get your drink you have to wait in a separate line for food. And THEN you have to wait for a table. The kitchen frequently runs out of food and makes no apologies, and the staff can be gruff.

All that said, nothing beats a slushy margarita or a crisp beer paired with their steaming hot Cuban grilled corn. Even if you have to breathe in diesel fumes from the congested thoroughfare outside the metal fence while you drink and eat, it’s a unique experience that may just bring you back again and again.







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