The Gate

A perfect Saturday in Park Slope: go for a run in Prospect Park, hit the farmer’s marketing at Grand Army Plaza on your way home, then stop in at The Gate with some friends and have a cold, crisp beer on the outdoor patio. This is the kind of place where you can bring your dog, your dad, even your baby!

The chalkboard on the wall lists a vast selection of beers on tap and rotates frequently. This is not the kind of place to order an Appletini–the pierced and tattooed and scruffy bartenders will scowl (or, more likely, ignore). They will, however, be able to answer pretty much any question about the microbreweries they have available.

No food is served here but the bartenders readily offer up a handful of menus they keep behind the bar for you to order in. Or, you can run across the street and get vegan sandwiches, Thai food, pizza, or sushi from one of the nearby restaurants.

The tables scattered out on the patio are in hot demand. Large groups congregate and seem to grow throughout the afternoon, and can sometimes get rowdy, but always in a happy and friendly way. Situated on the corner of 5th Avenue and 3rd Street, the unobstructed view (the patio is encircled by a simple wrought iron fence) offers great people-watching on the trendy thoroughfare.







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